The Benefits of an Air Lift Suspension

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This pump uses pressurized air as a spring instead of normal linkages, shock absorbers, and steel springs of cars with normal suspension. The air lift suspension makes a car’s ride smoother. Besides giving riders an air ride feeling, it also has several more advantages.

With air-lift suspensions, you don’t have to adjust suspensions for wider turning capability unlike in traditional steel spring systems. Air-lift suspension gives you better car handling. Since air lift suspension systems adjust to different compressions, it will also adjust to different road conditions. Whether on the highway or on a dirt road, the air lift suspension will provide a smooth ride and good handling.

If you frequently carry heavy loads, an air-lift suspension is perfect for you. The air lift suspension automatically balances itself with your car weight ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. No more switching parts to haul heavy load like with a normal steel spring suspension system. In addition, the trailer’s pitch is also controlled by the adjusting suspension.

For those who are keen on their car’s look, the air lift suspension  gives cars a customized stance and look. The air lift suspension can change the way a car sits, either forward or backward tilting. Car enthusiasts will love this especially those are of a hot rod riders community. Air lift suspensions won’t only give you a smooth ride, but also give you a sleek look.

If you want some low rider hopping capabilities and a custom suspension but also want a normal everyday ride, you can do this with the installment of air lift suspensions. Throw in a Bully Dog  rapid flow cat-back aluminized steel exhaust system and you’ll have an awesome looking ride that other big boy toy lovers will envy.

Getting an air lift suspension is one of the best things you can give yourself and your car. You won’t be having a smooth ride; you can also ride in style. You can even have a CAL converter installed for some racing action. Whether is a smooth ride, high speed or just plain impressing the kids with some ups and downs, you can never go wrong with an air lift suspension.

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The Benefits of an Air Lift Suspension

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The Benefits of an Air Lift Suspension

This article was published on 2011/11/01